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ICT - E-Skills and capacity building training

VegaWorks Ltd, a division of iNetworks Canada provides the most effective technology training, curriculum, and planning services to education, industry, and worldwide communities. Under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), we provide capacity building, where people, organizations and society systematically stimulate and develop their capability over time to achieve social and economic goals, including through improvement of knowledge, skills, systems, and institutions – within a wider social and cultural enabling environment. They include:

  • IT Skills Training and Capacity Building

  • Digital Library, E-Learning and Digital Archiving

  • E-Publishing and Mobile Applications and Services

  • Digital Video, Audio and Content Processing Software



  • Assist in-service teachers to use technology to enhance student learning and achievement;

  • Assist pre-service teachers to use technology to enhance student learning and achievement;

  • Assist educational administrators and institutions to use technology to enhance student learning and achievement;

  • Provide effective technology training programs for the public and private sectors, in collaboration with the Government;

  • Work with industry to ensure that ICT has the intellectual capital to develop innovative, effective programs that are measurable and current;

  • Have the resources (financial, personnel, and facility/infrastructure) to fulfill its vision.


  • Better Service Delivery to Citizens

  • Better Skills and Empowerment & Health Care System to the people

  • Improved Services for Business         

  • Transparency & Anticorruption       

  • Better Education, Knowledge and Productivity

  • Empowerment through Information

  • Efficient Government     

E-Government = Creating Tools of the Trade

"What Citizens Want from E-Government"

Access to one-stop shopping (one portal for all government services)


One of the key promises of e-government is a reinvented government. The vision includes improved access for citizens, increased efficiency, lower costs, and greater effectiveness. While many governments have already implemented electronic service initiatives, the bulk of the work is still to come. 
E-Government: Creating Tools of the Trade is designed to support e-government work at all levels of government by offering practical advice, successful models, and well-grounded guides. The focus of this project is centered on the many aspects of "how" to design, build, and evaluate e-government initiatives.
The project work began with an extensive environmental scan that served as the foundation for an E-Government Roundtable for government managers.


What we can do for your Government or Institution

We are not interested in simply re-selling technology. We sell innovative solutions that take full advantage of today's technologies, improving productivity in the most cost-effective ways, and ultimately improving our customers' competitiveness in the marketplace.

We are uniquely qualified to provide large businesses and government agencies with the ability to conduct e-business transactions with the many unique segments of the small business community ? completely over the web and seamlessly leveraging existing technology investments.

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NextGen Mobile

We are a global VoIP carrier with an international IP gateway. Nexgen purpose and plan was to build outstanding relationships from the bottom up, starting from the vendor to our clients. And also we provides a range of telecommunication solutions and services in the areas wholesale of International minutes. We partners with small and medium-sized businesses to satisfy their international voice communications needs, We study the problems of the clients and customers with utmost care and help them recover from the trouble by helping them with good troubleshoot remedies. Go>>

Huawei’s proven ICT solutions help governments provide safe, reliable, and essential public services:

  • Secure clouds can serve multiple agencies, while Government-to-Business (G2B) clouds enable efficient interaction with businesses

  • Government network solutions provide an interconnected platform for multiple agencies  with security, versatility, and unified management that minimizes operating costs

  • Video conferencing and support for mobile devices help workers collaborate across any distance, from offices or in the field,


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