iNetworks Canada has built a reputable partnership of excellence and reliability for Oil and Gas technology consulting helping companies to upgrade their financial and operational software, enabling them to respond to these new market opportunities leveraging an integrated, end-to-end solution that really works. In today’s Oil and Gas revenue decline, total change within Exploration and Production (E&P) technology can reverse this decline and enable companies to discover new, valuable energy opportunities


Importantly, Several trends are currently converging, amplifying the need for continued research into ways to reduce the environmental impact of domestic oil and gas production.



Oil and Gas Technology Infrastructure

Our Oil and Gas software solutions enable companies to configure a streamlined financial and operational solution that manages the uncertainties that go hand-in-hand with the fluctuations of the energy marketplace


Oil and Gas

 Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Common issues addressed:

  • Mid-tiered E&P companies have similar software needs as large-scale companies, but often not the same volume.

  • New venture investments made by E&P companies require tight business integration and immediate access to information in order to be successful.

  • To grow and scale, small to medium sized Oil and Gas companies must equip themselves with the technology and systems that will allow them to act on opportunities before they are taken by large Oil and Gas companies.

  • Access to key information such as pricing, prospects, production performance, and operating income are critical.

  • Better management of profitability and performance through streamlined operational and executive reporting with access to information from a single integrated database source.

  • Increased speed to market when evaluating acquisitions and new business ventures.

  • Rapid return on investment from reducing the overall cost of operations through efficient processes and integration and lower infrastructure cost.




The course will prepare graduates in technical disciplines for a career in the design and implementation of information technology solutions and service management in the Oil and Gas industry and its IT providers. This course provides training in software development tools and techniques and IT service management as well as Oil and Gas Engineering and Geosciences...GO>>


Our strategic partner’s offerings:

  • Strategic Roadmap for Upstream Oil and Gas

  • SAP ERP for Upstream Oil and Gas

  • Production Management

  • Revenue Accounting (PRA)

  • Accounting

  • Cost Accounting

  • Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)

  • Planning and Forecasting (including Volume Forecasting)

  • Business Analytics (including dashboards for KPI monitoring)

  • Technology Management

  • Integration

  • Data Conversion

  • Security

  • Reports

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Program Management

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